“This was their ALL TIME FAVORITE summer camp – EVER!”

    “Sarah Hope your camp is a gem!”

    “My son negotiated trading his birthday party in, for doing Hope Summer camp instead!”



    Thank you for creating such an amazing environment for expression and learning! Theo LOVED his time and camp and we’re so happy to have found you and your amazing team.
    Danny Q. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful and tremendously well done performance.— I was absolutely amazed at how you were able to bring so many different children together & orchestrate something so magical. We had a lovely time, and are proud of Liyana, Maira, and Inaya for participating so – guided by the young staff & under your tutelage!
    Samira K. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    First let me say WOW!! What a great theatre camp this summer! Elena really had a fantastic time. To pull that off in just one week was amazing!
    Christie G. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    Thank you for a fantastic camp experience for Sloane and Adelaide, once again their favorite camp, and such a huge confidence builder!!!
    Yola V. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    I love the teamwork and collaboration instilled in Hope Musical Theater.
    Shana S. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    We’ve been talking all afternoon and evening about how stunningly good todays show was!
    Thank you for the tremendous effort putting together such a production must have been. Cora has never been so excited about a camp, yet also serious about the craft involved. I really am so impressed and frankly shocked how much was achieved within a week’s time. I was fully expecting cue-cards and off-key warbling – and instead saw a show that I would have expected to take months to produce.
    Thank you for providing such an amazing space for the kids to learn and perform. Hope able to relax this weekend before the next camp’s rehearsals begin!
    Grace R.

    Congratulations on another big show yesterday, you really know how to make the kids feel special!
    Macarena R. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    You are amazing! She doesn’t care what role she has or if it is one she already had, she just wants to be at HMT more than anywhere else!!! :
    Christie W. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    WOW! That was unbelievable! I can’t say enough about how amazing this camp was. This was hands down the best theatre program Maddie has ever participated in.
    If we had the $$$ I would sign her up for more sessions! Well worth every dollar!
    I am looking forward to seeing our pictures that we ordered to share with friends & family.
    Thank you so much for urging us to keep the spot! The experience was magic!
    Caryn T. (Redwood City, 2023)

    The show was incredible! I am still in awe that it was all put together in one week! Great job!!!! It was so fun to watch Elisabeth shine!!! She loved it :)

    Margaret S. (Atherton, 2023)

    You do amazing work with these kids! Can’t believe what you manage in 5 days!

    Teresa R. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    Thank you so much Sarah. This was the best camp ever and you and your team impressed me how you were able to teach such a long and complex musical in just a few days. Tyler LOVED the chance to act and sing on stage and was so proud of his roles! This was a huge success – thank you!

    Sonja S. (San Mateo, 2023)

    First off, thank you for such an incredible camp last week for our girls. They had an insanely good time and are already talking about doing it next summer (along w/ their younger brother, who would be an entering 1st grader and is excited about being a Jr!).
    Ana M. (San Francisco, 2023)

    Congratulations on another wonderful production, and thank you for believing in and supporting Gus. Once again, he had the time of his life at your camp. He told us this evening that while performing on stage, he’s experienced feelings of exhilaration that he’s never felt before. (As I mentioned, he first caught the acting bug when you cast him last summer, and it was immediately apparent to our family how much he loved musical theater, hence his joining your camp twice in one summer! As you well know, he’s an intense kid who needs to feel like his strengths are appreciated but also needs to have limits enforced. When he’s in the hands of skilled teachers/mentors/coaches/directors who understand this, he’s able to shine. You are one such adult. We feel fortunate that he’s had the opportunity to work with you, and I am so grateful for you and your work. With appreciation and admiration,
    Heather D. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    She LOVES Hope Musical so much! You did an amazing job!
    Ping F. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    Thank you Sarah, and yes indeed, she *loved* the camp and has been singing show tunes in the car ever since. Thank you and the team for making it such a great experience, I hope we will be back!
    Ben S. (San Mateo, 2023)

    Thank you SO much for these photos and this incredible experience!
    Esther L. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    Thank you for a wonderful show. Meadow loved every minute of it and looks forward to it next summer!
    Carol W. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    I wanted to write to you to share a few things about the camp: As I mentioned last week right after the performance, my young son showed a confidence to want to do more complex tasks and take more responsibility. He also just seemed happier and more energetic, which is saying something since his baseline is pretty high haha. He was a late bloomer to not needing diapers overnight (which apparently is genetic so he has me to thank), but mid-week last week he decided to just stop wearing them. Since then he’s had just 1 wet night, so he’s almost there…I swear it was camp that prompted him to want to try!!
    The performance was absolutely incredible…I cried a bit (I do that!). I think we were all blown away at the caliber of the performers, the production quality, and energy the children put out there on the stage. To get all that done in 5 days is truly amazing. Everyone was over the moon. I think Theo enjoyed being part of your camp more than anything he’s ever done before. We’re excited for a second week of camp this summer!
    Danny Q. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    Last summer, I was blown away by your incredible summer production. I thought it was peerless. But then today..your production today and it was a professional month’s worth of practicing production. The amazing singing, dancing, and acting, so many crowd pleasers!), it was truly awe inspiring, and, on top of that, Caitlin and Ryan loved every single minute of it. It was the process, not just the product, that brought about so much joy and sunshine. My children loved their counselors, the scavenger hunts, art projects, water balloon games, and, above all, loved the community, created by Hope Musical Theater. Thank you for a wonderful week.
    Shana S. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    Thank you again for the amazing camp week! Anna & Julia learned so much and had a fantastic time. We LOVED the performance!
    Lisa T. (Palo Alto, 2023)

    My son’s words to describe his day at camp today: “AWESOME” and “SO FUN”!
    Shaina Q.

    We enjoyed the show so much! I cannot imagine how much effort you and the teachers/staff put into this to present such an impressive show in just one week! The kiddos had a blast!
    Aster L. (Menlo Park, 2023)

    “Words cannot express how much my daughters LOVED and benefited from camp this year. Sloane (age 8) is my shy one and you brought out the most confidence and enthusiasm we have ever seen. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to be Michael, she was SO proud of herself!!
    Adelaide (age 6) is also begging to sign up again and no other camp has held a candle to yours. They have been writing her own plays and songs at home ever since camp ended.
    Thanks again!!”
    Yola L. (Menlo Park, 2022)


    “We just wanted to say we were so impressed and thrilled with your production last week. All the kids were so good and so happy! Thanks for a wonderful week of summer camp and Belle and Coco look forward to next year!”
    Jennifer B. (Menlo Park, 2022)


    “I wanted to let you know that Arya absolutely loved her time in camp last week. She was so excited every day after coming home, singing the songs, talking about what happened, learning her lines etc. Her sister, Alina, loved watching the play and can’t wait to participate next year. All in all – what a great experience. Thank you so much for running such a great camp!”
    Phil L. (San Carlos, 2022)


    “The show was spectacular, you and the counselors did great! The kids did wonderfully, and I was impressed that you all pulled it off in 4 days! 👏 Aria and Cora had tons of fun and it was obvious that all the kids did with their huge smiles. ✨Thanks so much!”
    Juliane E. (Los Altos Hills , 2022)


    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for giving my daughter (Sheridan) an AMAZING experience so far in camp. Last night she said “I can’t wait to go to camp tomorrow” and she woke up at 6:30 a.m. this morning asking “Is camp open yet?” I’ve never seen her so excited about any class/camp/school. I was a (math, not drama!) teacher at Menlo School in Atherton for 14 years and Sheridan grew up watching rehearsals (Elf, Cabaret, Aladdin, Oliver, Bye Bye Birdie, etc) and I am so thrilled to see her have the same great experience my former students talked about having with you. Thank you for all the sparkle!!!”
    Lauren L. (Mountain View, 2022)


    “Hi Sarah, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so so much for such a wonderful summer production! Not only did the show blow us all away, Ella came home excited and happy every day this week, looking forward to the next. Clearly so much thought and work goes into the entire camp experience and show. What a gift you give these kids. I hope you have a wonderful, smooth and exciting rest of your summer! I’m sure Ella will sign up again in the future ❤️
    Again many thanks!”
    Janet H. (Menlo Park, 2022)


    “Thank you for such an amazing camp.”
    Lide Z. (San Carlos, 2022)


    “The minute I got home, I just had to get on my computer to thank you and the counselors for an incredible week. This is our first year doing Hope Musical Theater Camp, and, knowing the children only had less than a week to put on a show, I was expecting a 30 minute performance with maybe a song or two. Wow! Hope exceeded all expectations. Not only was the performance phenomenal (I used to be a choreographer at a musical theater camp and have no idea how you put together what you did in 4 days), but, more importantly than that, my children, Caitlin and Ryan, absolutely loved every minute of the camp. And I loved our afternoons together after camp, as the minute we got home, instead of asking to watch their Ipads (yes…my kids watch way too much ipad), they helped each other learn their songs, lines, and dances. And car time, dinner time, bath time, basically all the time, was filled with song, as they belted out their numbers with big smiles on their faces and would both share joyful stories about their counselors, the other campers, and the teachers. My children’s love of musical theater grew, as did their confidence, resilience, and passion. On the car ride home from the show today, they both said they will miss the camp so much and proclaimed they want to do Hope until they are 100 years old…and then will become a counselor. I know we must “forget regret,” but my only regret is not signing them up for more than one session. Next summer, I will enroll them in two sessions for sure!”
    “After over two years of covid gloom, concern, masks, and fear, your camp reminded us that “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” and when we “think of the happiest things” one of those happiest things will now be and forever be Hope Musical Theater Camp.”
    Shana S. (Palo Alto, 2022)


    “We are so excited for Addison to be able to be a part of HOPE Musical Theatre again this summer. Your program/camps have shaped Addison’s theatre interests and she attributes you and your team to instilling in her a passion and appreciation for musical theatre! Have fun this afternoon with your first summer 2022 show and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.”
    Paige P. (Los Altos, 2022)


    “We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. Sarah Hope, your enthusiasm and expertise is inspiring!”
    Laura B. (Menlo Park, 2022)


    “Just wanted to take a moment and thank you and all of those at Hope Musical Theatre Summer Camp for the most wonderful experience! It has been the highlight of our summer!  We were so scared to sign up for anything this summer and we are so glad we did.  My daughter was the tiny little one, and she loved every second of her time with you! She enjoyed the counselors, all elements of bringing the show to life and the performance! She still is skipping around our home singing and performing everything she learned.  It is amazing what you all accomplished with all of these kids in one week! I am in awe! I also just thought it was wonderful how you make every part no matter how small or big, important. You really do such a nice job giving each kid a moment!  I already told my husband to be prepared, that Natalie will be doing this every summer!  Thank you again! We are so sad it’s over!”
    Nicole P. (Menlo Park, 2021)


    “The show was AMAZING. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in making it special. Aria truly had the best birthday EVER, thanks to you all, and she continues to sing songs from the show multiple times a day, every day.  Watching Aria go through her camp week at HMT felt like watching her grow before my eyes. She learned musical technique and stage presence. She came home full of joy every day, proud of what she’d learned and excited to go back tomorrow. Best of all, she practiced discipline and hard work as she took responsibility to practice her songs and lines each evening and prepare for her parts in the show. Pretty amazing to see in a 5-year-old. Thank you for one of the greatest weeks ever in my young daughter’s life!”
    Samantha Q. (Redwood City, 2021)


    “BRAVA last Friday!  What a fun and amazing show to watch!  The kids were ALL so precious in how hard they worked and how they pulled together as a team.  Audrey hasn’t stopped singing, humming, skipping, and dancing her part from the musical all weekend!”
    Catherine S. (Burlingame, 2021)


    “Thank you so much for a wonderful week. As you said, this was an incredible turning point for Chloe and for all kids to finally get out there and have fun! For Chloe, it was really the first activity she has done after all this time. The play today was beyond impressive for 5 days of work!  Have a wonderful rest of your summer and congratulations on making this one great!”
    Lianne B. (Los Altos, 2021)


    “Caroline (the younger one :)) just finished her first summer camp with Hope Musical Theatre. She really enjoyed the program and we really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for organizing such an amazing program! We’ll come back next year!”
    David Y. (Palo Alto, 2021)


    “I hope you are getting overwhelmed with thank yous from grateful parents each week!  Kathryn and I were very happy with your backyard theatre but we were just blown away this week!  I can’t thank you enough for the impact you have had on Kathryn.  I could go on and on if you want to know details.  But you have been such a source of happiness especially during a pandemic.  Thank you for all the work you do and for paying attention to all the details.  Kathryn LOVED both her parts, she said she could do it again next week (she has horse camp) and she loved all the crafts and other activities.  Her only regret is that she didn’t get to watch the show herself. :)  The first day she was missing all her special small group time with you (she has really bonded with you during your backyard theatre) but she quickly adapted and I tried to help her see the big picture.  As for the quality of the show, I don’t know how you did it.  I don’t know how the kids memorized their parts so quickly.  I’m astounded by the quality of the production, the acting, choreography, sets, special effects and costumes were all incredible.  I loved the music and all the pop culture references and adaptations.  Bravo!  Thank you from our whole family for your hard work and brilliance. Truly!”
    Debbie F.  (Menlo Park, 2021)


    “Thank you for the most incredible show and experience last week.  Natalia had such a wonderful time and we really enjoyed seeing her grow through your camp!”
    Elbra B. (Palo Alto, 2021)


    “Maia loved her summer camp so much, she wants to come next year!”
    Sandrine C. (Palo Alto, 2021)


    “I wanted to thank you for a wonderful camp last week. It was an exhilarating experience for Avery.  Your staff’s smiling faces and welcome each morning really started the day off well.”
    Courtney C. (Atherton, 2021)


    “You do such an amazing job to engage the kids and get them truly ready to perform (in such a short amount of time). I continue to be blown away not only by the caliber of the show, but maybe more importantly by how much fun the kids appear to be having! They really look like they are enjoying themselves on stage!! Bravo!”
    Bill G. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “Your program is absolutely amazing!”
    Cintia C. (Emerald Hills, 2019)


    “It’s been a wonderful experience for Faith! Until today she still wakes up with some of the lines! And she wants me to assure her that she will be back to Hope next year again :)”
    Yvonne C. (Campbell, 2019)


    “Congrats on a fantastic show this past Friday, and thank you again so much for providing such an amazing experience for our girls! I have been recommending your camp left and right to everyone in our school circles!”
    Rebekah L. (Mountain View, 2019)


    “Hailey had such a nice time last week in your camp! The kids were wonderful and the show was fabulous! Hailey is looking forward to next summer already!”
    Nora M. (Palo Alto, 2019)


    “My daughter had a really fantastic experience and I can’t wait to see the performance! Thanks For everything. This has given her such a confidence boost!”
    Shannon S. (Los Altos Hills, 2019)


    “Just wanted to thank you for a great time at HMT! I loved every single bit of it — it was amazing! Thanks again for a wonderful time at HMT! I’ll always remember the songs, the dances, the costumes, the pom poms, the funny hats, the dragon, the Hopemobile…it was truly amazing. Hope for the stars!”
    Charlotte (Counselor In Training) (Menlo Park – 2019)


    “I wanted to reach out to let you know that my daughter Sophie had the most amazing experience at your camp these past two weeks. She just loved it so much! So thank you for that :-)”
    Deborah G. (Mountain View – 2019)


    “Thank you! Jovi is having an amazing time at camp! She loves it and looks forward to it all year. Thanks for inspiring her!Jovi had a great time as well and has been telling me how much she misses it already!”
    Rosanne W. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “HMT was a huge highlight of my girls summer! So glad Chloe & Alexa found your camp. It’s Chloe’s 4th year and Alexa’s 2nd. They love every one!”
    Lianne B. (Los Altos, 2019)


    “Thank you for the amazing two weeks of Camp 3. “Noodles” Natalie had a great experience. Her confidence level and singing skills improved a lot. I never imagined such a dramatic difference, it’s really magic!”
    Ellie C. (Mountain View, 2019)


    “I wanted to thank you for the last two weeks. Lily learned so much and really enjoyed and loved her time at HTC. We are proud of our little lady Holly.”
    Nadia G. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “Thank you for giving the kids such a fantastic summer experience!”
    Gadi Z. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “Amazing experience for Vika – Princess No 12!! She’ll cherish it all year, thank you so much! Will add testimonial of course but I recommend your camp to everyone around here :)
    Much gratitude to your entire amazing team!”
    Olga R. (Stanford, 2019)


    “Anna had a blast. You have a real gift for motivating the kids to put on a great show.”
    Charlotte P. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “Thank you for putting up such a beautiful program! Chloe loves it.”
    Laurence P. (Palo Alto, 2019)


    “Thank you so much! She loved the camp and the performance was great!!”
    Wendi K. (Menlo Park, 2019)


    “She had a wonderful time, as always – and wished that she had done the full day this year like she’s always done in the past. She’ll be back for full day camp next year – it’s her favorite part of the summer!”
    Kelly J. (Palo Alto, 2019)


    “Your work goes far beyond teaching theater, singing and acting. My kids learned how to work together; that every single role is important to make it a whole; they learned to help each other and to BE helped; to project their voices to be heard without screaming; DISCIPLINE…. the list goes on and on. :)
    All of that in 2 weeks! Your work is absolutely amazing! We’ll be back next year!”
    2018 Summer Camp Parent


    “I wanted to say thank you so much for giving Sophia this fantastic opportunity! She likes it so much that she said how I wish I could play again this time. It is a great experience again for her. Both my husband and I am so grateful to you. She likes music, she likes to sing and theater so much, I am always trying to find a way to support her. Though she is Chinese, but she likes English songs better than Chinese songs, I don’t know why. Again, thank you so much for this amazing summer camp. She will come again.”
    Victoria (China, 2018)


    “My son LOVED your camp over the summer. We will be back!”
    Emily (Palo Alto, 2018)


    “We are so excited to have participated in your wonderful camp. I really enjoy continuing to hear the kids singing songs they learned at camp!”
    Dalia (San Mateo, 2018)


    “Thank you for making such a great experience possible. She had a really great time!”
    Elizabeth (Los Gatos, 2018)


    “I just wanted to tell you how incredibly impressive the kids
    show was this morning! It was fabulous! The sets! The costumes! The dancing! The music! The singing! The acting! WOW!!!”
    Liane (Los Altos, 2017)


    “Thank you so much for yet another amazing HMT session. Sophie was thrilled to be cast as a principal part and absolutely loved the experience. As I try to remember to say to you every year: your camp is a true gift to our local kids. You put so much thought into making sure that each of the kids has a role that they can be excited about and a chance to shine!”
    Alison (Menlo Park, 2017)


    “What a great performance yesterday. It was just so much fun to witness what you are able to produce from what starts out as a rather chaotic jumble of young people. I had tears in my eye throughout…from both laughter and from appreciation of the talent you are able to bring out in these actors. I also want to thank you for the card and the very generous gift inside. It is truly quite a remarkable thing that you do and I consider myself fortunate to be just a small part of it.”
    Dewey (Atwater, 2017)


    “Thank you for giving Olivia such an amazing opportunity being in your show! As always, we cried through the entire performance. It was an entertaining, touching performance! I would pay big money to see that show on Broadway!
    Thanks again,”
    Ali (Redwood City, 2017)


    “My daughter had such a wonderful time at camp these past 2 weeks and is already talking about next Summer. Thank you for all the special memories.”
    Kelly (Los Altos, 2017)


    “Thank you again so much for allowing me to see part of the show. I know that it is not your usual policy and I so appreciate it. Once again, you have put together an absolutely adorable show. What you do with those kids in two weeks is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for providing such an enriching and fun opportunity for all these kids!!
    With gratitude,”
    Stephanie (Los Altos, 2017)


    “Wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your work with our children last session. Jake was not a likely candidate for musical theatre and to say he had an AMAZING experience would be an understatement. He really loved participating and is wondering if there is any way he can participate in musical theatre between now and HMT camp next summer.”
    Tracey (Redwood City, 2017)


    “The camp was amazing! Thanks so much for such a cool experience. It was the highlight of our summer. Both kids loved it.”
    Casey (Menlo Park, 2017)


    “Emily absolutely loved this camp! The performance was wonderful and so professionally done. The kids were great and I know that it’s gotta be hard to put together such a tight production in just 10 days. She can’t wait to sign up again. I think acting really awakens something in her more than I’ve seen in other activities. She’s always been very creative and imaginative and so I think acting and being on stage is almost like home to her. She can really find a way to express herself. Otherwise, I think she feels awkward. Anyway, thanks again!”
    Rebecca (Menlo Park, 2017)


    “On another note, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you. Annie is so spiritually happy and grounded as she was last year at your camp. She comes home and studies her lines and I hear her puttering around the house singing songs from The Sound of Music to herself. Dear Lord it is so sweet! Annie is very closed off with me and so it means the world to me when I see her somewhere that she’s truly connected to herself. I had experienced this last year when she was with you too. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you so much. you’ve given my daughter a place where she knows she belongs, she’s found her tribe and her Village– and I am full of gratitude.”
    Vanessa (Half Moon Bay, 2017)


    “Just a quick note of thanks to you and your crew for creating such a wonderful experience for Jessie at HMT. She was very happy with her parts, and it was fun to watch her practice enthusiastically at home. Also, she was extremely proud and honored to have been chosen as one of the “Stars.” Finally, I really appreciated the way you responded to my communications about Jessie’s auditions. Jessie has informed me that she will be doing HMT every summer, and hopes to be a counselor one day! We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.”
    Elena (Palo Alto, 2017)


    “I just wanted to let you know that once again we were blown away by the amazing production you, the kids, and the HMT staff put on! We thought it would be hard to top last summer, but you did it!!! This was spectacular, and all the people we brought were just blown away by how much the kids did in 8 rehearsals! You have my complete respect, awe and appreciation!!! I haven’t seen Maddie and Charlie that happy and excited for a very long time. :) Thank you again for another wonderful experience!!”
    Nell (Redwood City, 2017)


    “William had an amazing two weeks of camp in Session 1! This was his very first experience doing musical theater, and he LOVED it! Thank you for giving him such am amazing introduction.”
    Danielle (Palo Alto, 2017)


    “You are so amazingly talented! Thanks for everything you do for the community.”
    Sonya (Palo Alto, 2017)


    “Thank you to you and your team of wonderful people for the fantastic production this afternoon. I laughed and cried the whole way through. It was brilliant! I talked to several new to Hope parents (with goat children) on the way in AND out too, and they were thrilled with the quality of production. Its so fun because they have no idea how great it is going to be when they are lining up outside. It really is to an excellent standard and it’s great the kids experience that.
    As usual Georgina thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks, and took it all very seriously – like a summer job! Thank you for giving her a chance to shine.”
    Jane (Palo Alto, 2017)


    “You are unique and the kids enjoy your program tremendously!”
    Albina (Menlo Park, 2017)


    “Our daughter, a senior in college, was just home for Christmas and we watched some home videos and marveled at what you were able to do with such young children. While we fast forwarded through many other recitals and performances she did over the years, the videos we took of her HMT performances are STILL a joy to watch – so well done! What wonderful ensemble work also highlighting particular individual talents. I’m so glad you are still bringing such quality experiences to children and their families. You’re amazing!


    “I enjoy seeing what’s going on with these updates and hope you are well. Our daughter is still involved in theater. She has performed a lot as she progressed through middle and high school and all through college in some great roles. She also wrote a play that was produced on her college’s main stage last year. I think we really saw her talent come out working with you! Thank you! Just wanted to say hi and that we appreciate you.”
    Wendy (Proud and Happy Palo Alto Mama – 2017)


    “All of my neighbors have raved about how much their daughters really like HMT, even for the kids who are a little shy about trying it!


    “You are an inspiring teacher and leader!”
    Amy P. (2016 parent – Menlo Park)


    “I just have to write a note to tell you how impressed and how much we enjoyed your show! It was great to see what you do! You are just a master…every minutes was entertaining and enjoyable…how you used your talented kids so that everyone had a chance to shine! Like I said, I cried through the whole thing because it was so well done! Thanks again for the great seats too! We loved it!!!! Thank you again!!!”
    Ali F. (2015 Teacher – Redwood City)


    “Thank you for another terrific year at Hope. Georgina really enjoyed it – again! She was so excited to be called back to try out for the lead character, and really liked the parts she ended up playing. I loved the performance – really top notch and I LOVED her as a radio girl, singing in harmony. All the kids did a very good job. The show was wonderful.”
    Jane R. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “First of all, this is to thank you for what is already an exhilarating experience for us all! So many thanks and looking forward to the performance which I’m sure will be fabulous!”
    Reviel N. – (2015 Father – Stanford)


    “First, THANK YOU for the fantastic performance you put together for our children! It was heart warming to see all the children shine and I was especially encouraged to see Isabelle improved so much!”
    Hannah L. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “This is Emmett’s mom writing to say thanks for a great camp experience! Last Friday’s show was wonderful. It is truly amazing the quality of show you all are able to put together in such a short time. I also really appreciated the fact that you gave Emmett a time to shine by doing his dance thing : )


    “Hopefully Emmett will be able to join your fantastic crew in future summers.”
    Jennifer – (2015 Parent of a Counselor In Training – Mountain View)


    “Our daughter Ella just finished summer camp and performed in Annie. What an amazing experience, she loved it and we haven’t ever seen her so engaged in anything as much as this.”
    Christy O. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “I have to tell you Kasmira loves loves loves your camp!”
    Sam L. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “Nava absolutely loved your camp and was sad that it was over and keeps asking me about next year and I have assured her that I will sign her up!!! Thanks for all that you do.”
    Noushie A. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “First, I just want to say how blown away I was by the show today! It was absolutely delightful in every way! It truly is amazing what you accomplish with those kids in that short time, and also make it fun! And again I want you to know how much Sofie loved being a part of it. She had so much fun—at rehearsals, rehearsing at home, and of course the show. It was the perfect part for her! Thank you so much for giving her that opportunity.”
    Kristen P. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “First, let me thank you for a great experience again this summer. My son, David, really enjoyed being part of the Annie production. It was a fantastic show. Still can’t believe what you teach these kids in such a short time.”
    Julie T. (2015 Parent – Stanford)


    “Thanks so much for such a great experience for my girls, Yael and Daphne. They truly enjoyed every minute of camp!!! It is amazing because this is the first camp Daphne has done where she could not wait to attend each day!”
    Danielle S. (2015 Parent – Menlo Park)


    “Thank you so much for creating this musical theatre — the camp was a magical and enriching experience for Ella and she’s really looking forward to participating in future Hope Musical Theatre activities. Congratulations on the first summer shows. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”
    Shahani T. (2015 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “My daughter Ava, and my almost 5-year-old, sing the summer songs all the time!!! I too often have the songs going through my head. Anyway, Ava loves your theater camp and looks forward to attending again next summer.”
    Debra (2014 Parent)


    “I wanted to drop you a note to say how much Georgina enjoyed her two weeks at your Hope Musical Theatre camp this year. She was in your very last session. I loved the show, and was incredibly impressed at the high standard. Thank you.”
    Jane (2014 Parent)


    “We thoroughly enjoyed your show yesterday. Ava was over the moon about her experience with your camp and we are so proud of her. Thank you.”
    Lisa (2014 Parent)


    “Thanks for doing such a miraculous job with all these kids in these camps. Relying on kids anxious about going to college as your support staff is NOT easy.
    You bring out the best in these kids doing those shows, it strengthens their confidence, ability to have fun and – being pout there!
    Wishing you quite rest and relaxation once all these camps are done!
    With heartfelt admiration,”
    Gabriele (2014 Parent)


    “Congratulations on another successful show! Tobey and Samantha LOVED their time at HMT. They are already talking about next year! Thank you!”
    Lisa (2014 Parent)


    “Once again we were blown away by your latest production. My daughter, Haley Scull, was in yesterday’s show and it was so good. I am always amazed on what you can pull together in two-week’s time. Thank you so much!”
    Michelle Blaine (2014 Parent)


    “My daughter Laura was in your 2-A Camp in June and LOVED it. She now wants to take singing lessons!!! Definitely signing up for camp next year, and gonna recommend it to everybody I know! MUCH appreciated!”
    Irene Jun (2014 Parent)


    “This year’s show was even more fabulous than ever. Of course the kids did an outstanding job, the music was delightful and the dancing and costumes were wonderful. Having seen 5 or 6 shows over the years, I was thrilled to see the new touches: The monkeys hanging from the ceiling were great; the counselors’ dance on stage (what an excellent idea to include them); and the amazing shadow puppets, which were the perfect way to show the effects of the tornado.
    Bravo for another stellar performance!”
    Beth (2014 Parent)


    “Thanks again for an amazing experience for Sophie. I’ve never seen her this excited about any camp, and she can’t wait to see what musical will be chosen for next year.”
    Jill (2014 Parent)


    “My daughter attended both morning and afternoon sessions this year. She absolutely loved it. She played in two shows. Both performances were AWESOME! As always! It’s amazing how you, guys, can pull it together in just 8 days! I’m absolutely blown away again! My daughter enjoyed the Camp immensely!


    “Thank you!
    Hope has been the highlight of her summer.
    She looks forward to going back next summer. ”
    Erika (2014 Parent)


    “Thank you so much for an amazing 2 weeks of HMT. The performances were awesome. Madeline had a blast.”
    Amy Levin (2014 Parent)


    “You and your team do an amazing job! Nate enjoyed it so much. I think we have a musical theater fan in the music. Thank you again.”
    Meredith (2014 Parent)


    “Thank you so much for inspiring the kids and pushing them beyond their own expectations. Ella will definitely be back next year!!!”
    Gerrit (2014 Parent)


    “Julianna and Marcello loved your camp and will definitely be coming back next year!!! Last night Marcello, who is very much into sports and is doing Stanford baseball camp this week, said he likes your camp better! I’m really impressed!”
    Marcia (2014 Parent)


    “Awesome shows today! As always! It’s amazing how you, guys, can pull it together in just 8 days! I’m absolutely blown away again! Julia enjoyed the Camp immensely!”
    Inna (2014 Parent)

    “I must tell you that my 2 boys thought your camp was INCREDIBLE and as a result decided that they love theatre and especially musicals! They still talk about it being their favorite camp ever!”
    Kim Jonkers (2013 Parent – Menlo Park)


    “Our daughter Caroline was in the last performance for the summer. I’ve got to say the acting, costumes, and stage props were fantastic. Your instruction to keep their eyes facing the audience adds a level of engagement many times not seen in children’s theater. Caroline truly appreciates the acting instruction; it’s a strong area of interest for her.Many thanks for all you do.”
    Greg M. Bell (2013 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “Thank you! I am sure you hear this all the time, but HMT was truly the highlight of Tristan’s summer. She cannot stop talking about it, singing the songs, and, of course, making me promise to sign her up for TWO sessions next summer and for after school workshops. She checks the mailbox everyday for the DVD and CD. Really and truly want you to know that she loved it and we are very happy she was able to participate. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful program.”
    Amy Fox (2013 Parent – Menlo Park)


    “A big thank you for providing a wonder theater camp yet again
    this summer. Anna just loves HMT. I think you do a great job holding
    the kids to a high standard (attendance, learning their lines,
    practicing at home, etc.) and it’s so clear on show day that they are
    having a great time. Our whole family enjoyed the show!”
    Lisa F. (2013 Parent – Palo Alto)


    “SOOOO many thanks for creating such a wonderful experience for Charlie and Kate!! They absolutely loved the camp and we were absolutely amazed at how terrific the production was. WOW!! We are all still singing all of the songs. It may be months before those get out of our heads! The kids said the only downside was that they wished the camp was longer and they could have performed again. Hats off to you and your creative, energetic team. We will definitely be back next year! They both have the bug. Best wishes!”
    Lisa (2013 Parent – Atherton)


    “A big thank you for another great Hope production. Sophie LOVED playing Maud last Friday and I am sure you will see our family again for the next several years… It has been such a nice way for my kids to get exposed to theater; I appreciate your hard work.”
    Alison (2013 Parent)


    “Celeste had a great time with you! It was her first ever theater experience and I want to commend you on your direction with her specifically and with the cast in general. You really have a gift!”
    Laura (2013 Parent)


    “I wanted to thank you for providing a truly amazing first theatre experience for my daughter, Lucy this past camp session. Lucy loved it! She is already planning to attend at least one session of HMT camp next summer, and also wants to take theatre classes. Your talent and dedication to your art really made a big impression on her.”
    Amy (2013 Parent – Los Altos)


    “Just want to drop a note to say thank you for organizing such a wonderful camp in the last two weeks. It’s a mazing that your team had the kids ready in less than 30 hrs for such a vibrant show on Friday.
    Christina enjoyed every moment of the camp and already told me that she is looking forward to the HMT camp for next summer!”
    Katherine (2013 Parent)


    “Sarah you are so talented and your positive and happy beingness is infectious! Thank you for sharing your passion with Sophia. She love, love, loved your afterschool workshop and she’s now on fire, singing and dancing her heart out all in preparation for your next workshops. Thank you for igniting our little natural performer and for helping her see that Dreams Can Come True!”
    Gina and Andrew Preston – Atherton (2012)


    “I thought the kids were terrific and as usual, an exceptional show. What great costumes! And sets!”
    Barbara K. (2012 Parent)


    “We’ll be back next year, Sarah! You do such a top-notch job with your programs. Our girls had such a wonderful time. Thank you!
    (2012 Palo Alto Parent)


    “Ethan and Aden had such a great time at hope as they always do!”
    Meredith (2012 Palo Alto Parent)


    “Charlotte and I came to today’s matinee. To quote my granddaughter, The show was grrrrreat! I have to concur. The kids were obviously having a wonderful time and their confidence really shone through. I enjoyed the little shtick things that you added to the play, including the incidental music. Singing was impressive too–not all of the songs follow a simplistic 4-bar phrasing pattern–not so easy to learn in just 8 days. But I was most taken by the quality of the diction. I did not really know much of the score, but virtually every word came through clearly, but without it ever seeming as though the kids were working at it. Bravo to you.
    (2012 Audience Member Menlo Park)


    “As always, I was just blown away by the kids’ spectacular performance. I’m not sure how you manage to corral all those kids into producing a cohesive, entertaining theatrical performance in just 8 days. I can’t even get two kids to clean their room. Sophia is thrilled to be getting a second week of camp next week. As I mentioned she will be gone Monday but I’m hoping her recent performance will be fresh in your mind for an appropriate casting. For better or worse, thanks to you, she is determined to be a big star one day. I reminded her that she was a big star, literally, today.
    (2012 Parent Menlo Park)


    “Congratulations on another fantastic show. We are amazed every year at the production you put together in such a short time. And the kids had a blast and learned a ton – so thank you very much.
    Stephanie Strickland
    (2012 Parent)


    “I didn’t get the chance to say thank you today after the show! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity! It was so fun working with the kids, and I really had a memorable experience these past two weeks at HMT. Tell Brittany I say thanks too, please! :)
    (2012 Counselor-In-Training)


    “I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be a CIT at this session’s HMT! I had such an amazing time!
    (2012 Couselor-In-Training)


    “Fabulous! I really enjoyed it and just loved the costumes and the sets!! Really first class!! WOW what a lot of energy!!! Thanks for the super entertainment… Love to you all,
    (Foster City) 2012 Audience Member


    “Your camp was fabulous for Jessica, it may well be one of those things she refers to in her later years as a defining moment/experience.
    Sheri King
    (2011) Los Altos


    “I brought my daughter and her two young children to your summer camp show today and we LOVED it. My dad founded West Bay Opera and my mom was the General Director for many years. Having grown up inside the makings of an opera company, I have to say that you do a superb job in every single aspect of putting on a show. We loved the genuine, heartfelt spirit of this performance. BRAVO! What more can I say. Thank you and please let us know when and what the next show will be. We will be there.
    Nicolette Holt
    (Summer 2011)


    “I just want to relay to you that Claire had SUCH a good time at your camp these past 2 weeks!! She loved playing all those parts and met so many new friends. I hope you do some workshops during the school year for Oak Knoll–Claire will be there.
    Renee Schott
    – Menlo Park (Summer 2011)


    “Sarah, I didn’t get to thank you personally after my daughter’s show (4A). It was such a fun experience for her, and we are so impressed by how you can pull that show together in just a few hours a day for two weeks. My son Patrick is a pit musician for shows in the LA area, and we know the time and dedication it takes for the musicians. Having live music for your shows is just so wonderful! Christina can hardly wait to come back next summer!”
    Susan Meade – Palo Alto (Summer 2011)


    “I wanted to drop a note and tell you how thrilled our daughter, Nohemi, was with her experience in Hope Musical Camp. Guy and I were bowled over with what you and the kids accomplish together in such a short time. I hope the rest of your summer was as wonderful as the two weeks we were engaged with you. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and passion with Nohemi, we are already looking forward to next summer!
    Beth and Guy Kawasaki
    – Atherton (Summer 2011)


    “Just wanted to say thank you for providing my kids with such a great camp experience. Portia and Pierce both said they had a fantastic time and look forward to doing it again next year. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we hope to see you again next summer.
    Pearl Chow
    – Palo Alto (Summer 2011)


    “I just wanted to say how fabulous the show was last week and what a great time Emma had throughout the camp. She has already requested that she attend it every week next year! Once again, great show!
    Lynne Craig
    (Electric Emma’s Mom!) – Menlo Park (Summer 2011)


    “Wow! Yesterday’s afternoon performance was amazing!!!! I am incredibly impressed with how much the kids learned and how professional the production was. My 7 year old daughter Julianna loved it!
    Kimberly Birn
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “The performance today was spectacular! You are heading for Broadway!!
    Daniel Liebowitz
    – Woodside (2011)


    “Thank you once again for a wonderful show on July 8th. The costumes were great, the accompanying band was wonderful, we laughed a lot, and Daniella had a blast in camp!!
    – Palo Alto (2011)


    “Hi Hope – First, my daughter Hannah really enjoyed her experience this year with Hope Musical Theatre (she was in this morning’s Bye Bye Birdie performance). What you accomplish with these kids in ten days is truly spectacular! Clearly you hold them to a high bar and that’s fabulous. Last year, you kindly awarded Hannah the Star Award for her session of The Sound of Music. This year she was honored her art was chosen for the Program Cover. Thanks so much! Hannah’s already talking about signing up for Hope’s camp next year and training to be a counselor. It’s her favorite.
    Jennifer Mutz
    – Palo Alto (2011)


    “We never got to formally meet, but I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience had by my daughter, Riley (Session 2A – camera crew/phone operator/parent). I have never seen her so happy and excited about a project/experience like this. She danced around the house singing song after song after song, pretended to be Rosie or Harvey Johnson all day, and was generally just on fire about the whole thing. She is very shy/reserved in public and it takes her a while to warm up, but please know that she got so much out of your camp. We will definitely be back next summer. Good luck w/ the rest of your summer!
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “Our daughter Kate is absolutely loving camp. We attended one of your performances last summer and Kate knew then and there that she wanted to participate this year. She has loved every bit of the process – and we have loved watching her thrive. She is up early ever morning, dressed in her Hope t-shirt and studying her lines. She is teaching us the songs, however, she is keeping the choreography a secret! She is passionate and happy. What a perfect summer experience! We are so grateful for you and your commitment to providing children with this incredible experience. We can’t tell you how much she has blossomed over the last two weeks.
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “I want to send a big thank you from our family. My daughter, Audrey, was in the morning session these past two weeks. She once again loved the camp, her role, the counselors and you. Fantastic show! You do an amazing job! We will likely see you next summer!!
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “Thank you so much for the wonderful production today!! Samantha loved every minute of it and it was so fun to see her beaming on stage (and such an incredible improvement from last year)!! You are extremely talented- I don’t know how you pulled this all together–it was AMAZING!!! We can’t wait to get our DVD :) Please let us know if there happen to be any openings during your last session in August–Sam loved this so much that she would want to do it again! Thanks again. It was a fantastic experience (again)!!!
    Katie Belding
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “This is Annie’s first experience with theatre and she HAD A BALL! We look forward to the next workshop! Thank you thank you thank you!
    Melanie Wagner
    – Menlo Park (2011)


    “Thanks again for another wonderful show. You certainly have a gift! We were so impressed by what you and the kids accomplished in such a short time. The show was super and the kids seemed like they all had a total blast doing it! I talked to a lot of parents who were so impressed and pleased with the workshop. I know Maggie loved it. Thanks again for all your hard work!
    Alli, Hillsborough
    – (2011)


    “I am convinced that Hope Musical Theater has changed my childrens’ lives. This will be their 4th summer attending and none of us can wait for camp to start again. The discipline, the fun, the confidence-building, the production are all truly incredible, and Sarah I *hope you are very proud of what you have built. We appreciate your building it in our community.
    Wendy Thanassi
    – Portola Valley (2010)


    “Our daughter was thrilled to be part of Hope Musical Theatre Summer Camp 2010 these past two weeks and can’t wait to come back to Hope next summer! What an impressive show! We thoroughly appreciated the performance, music, sets and costumes and most of all, her genuine enjoyment of the whole experience.
    Divya and Arvind, Los Altos
    – (2010)


    “Thank you for another magical experience….
    Laura Steuer (Hannah’s mom), Menlo Park
    – (2010)


    “Hi Sarah, I want to thank you for putting on such a great camp. My son Connor really enjoyed session 3B and I just love how the kids got to work on so many aspects of a production. Plus, I was amazed by how fantastic the final show was. Truly amazing for 2 weeks of afternoons – you must be wonderful at what you do!
    (2010 SUMMER)


    “The performance was wonderful. I am always impressed by how supportive the audience is at these shows. I continue to be amazed each year by how the kids can come together to work on a project and feel part of something so creative! Warmly,
    Elana, Los Altos
    – (2010 SUMMER)


    “I cannot tell you how much my daughter, Kaitlyn, enjoyed camp today. Thank you so much. She’s been wanting to do your camp for a few years now and apparently it was worth the wait for her.
    Christie Tonsfeldt, Atherton
    – (2010 SUMMER)


    “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful experience of seeing Ella perform along with all of the terrific actors in your musical on Friday. I’m serious when I say that it has been the #1 highlight of my summer. We are so grateful for the experience. We picked up the movie and Ella has been excited to watch it and recount her memories of the camp.
    Kelly, Atherton
    – (2010 SUMMER)


    “I wanted to write to you and say thank you for offering such a unique camp for children. Our son, Samson Axe, was thrilled to go to camp for the two weeks and loved his role as Rolf for the first afternoon session. We are not sure how you convinced him to sing a solo, but he did it with such great confidence that only was developed through the two week camp. It was a big step for Samson to go to a 2 week musical theatre camp when he thought he would rather be playing lacrosse, soccer, and tennis. At the end of the show he was ready to sign up for next summer.
    Thank you for encouraging Samson see a different side of himself.
    Fondly, Cindy, Portola Valley
    – (2010 SUMMER)


    “What an amazing organization you have created! Both John and I are truly inspired by the quality of your work and the spirit that comes forth in your students. The performance was professional, exceptionally creative, and quite impressive on many levels. Most importantly, there was an abundance of fun had by all!! Jack and Ellie had the time of their lives and I’m certain they’ll be back for more next summer. Please thank your wonderful team for us! With much gratitude,”
    Mary Lynn, John, Jack and Ellie Fitton – Palo Alto (2009)


    “Hey had a wonderful time and it is still the highlight of their summer.
    – Foster City (2009)


    “Just a short note to say that morning production yesterday was absolutely superb. Remarkable that you are able to pull those kids together for such an incredible production in such a short time. You are truly gifted!!
    Barbara Gottesman
    – Menlo Park (2009)


    “This was a fabulous production and the children were unbelievable performers.
    We look forward to next year,”
    Corinne Marcus – Hillsborough (2009)


    “I’m Caroline’s dad. She had a tremendous time at camp – thanks for giving her a wonderful experience.”
    J – Los Altos (2009)


    “She is still singing and reciting lines with gusto! Thanks for a great summer camp and theatre experience. You’re amazing. Warm wishes.”
    Michele Wheeler – Menlo Park (2009)


    “Abby and Sara both loved the camp. We were very impressed with what they learned (Sara – as her first show; Abby – after many shows, she noted HMT was very professional compared to other after school programs she has done). What are great show and experience! We expect to be back next year with Sara (2nd grade). Abby would love to do it again (if you expand to 7th graders). Thank you.”
    Jeanne Lowell – Menlo Park (2009)


    “I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience Ethan had at Hope Musical Theater Camp. He was so excited to start the camp, so excited to go to camp everyday and words cannot describe how proud he was of his performance last Friday. He had 11 fans in the audience and we were all completely blown away with what you were able to accomplish with all of these kids in such a short period of time. Ethan cannot wait to sign up again for next Summer. I am looking at the Fall workshops schedule.”
    Meredith Walsey – Menlo Park (2009)


    “She had a blast, and we all loved the show. It is amazing what you could accomplish with these kids in just two weeks, and still make it fun! This was the best, and most enjoyable, children’s theater production I have seen! And she is still singing and dancing the songs! We’ll see you next summer, if not in the fall! Best,”
    Kristen Anderson – Palo Alto (2009)


    “Thank you thank you thank you. This was one of the best experiences of Sophie’s life – (she was Tessie oh my goodness, oh my goodness) – we’ll be back for more next summer – you were GREAT with the kids Sarah – thank you so much. please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.”
    Julie Gerhardt Jacob, Ph.D. (Sophie Jacob’s mom) – Palo Alto (2009)


    “Thank you so much for these pictures. Mostly, thank you for a wonderful camp and production. Olivia thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was incredibly impressed by what you were able to do in 2 short weeks. The show was fantastic and very entertaining. I have seen children’s productions with more time, resources, and talent selection, but none were as good as this one. Thank you for giving Olivia and all the other kids such a unique, challenging, fun, and growth opportunity.”
    Gina Jorasch – Palo Alto (2009)


    “I want to thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the theatre camp. My daughter, Gabi, had the most wonderful experience. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that she would enjoy acting on a stage. Gabi used to have difficulty just getting up in front of her class to read from a book. This summer, I saw her blossom and become much more self assured as a result of a successful theatre performance. She even said to me, Mommy, I love acting camp and feel so good about myself.I can attribute this to your teaching skills and talent. The performance was breathtaking and all of the parents were so proud of their children. Most importantly, the children worked well together to create something wonderful which they felt so good about.”
    Elana – Los Altos (2008)


    “Hi Sarah, Thanks for a GREAT camp this summer. My son, Mac, was pirate# 5 and really got so much out of your camp. He came in really lacking confidence and enthusiasm for the theater, and came out of the camp feeling so proud of himself for sticking with it. It was a real confidence booster for him to know that he could get up there and do it, so thanks!”
    Liz – Palo Alto (2008)


    “My child enjoyed doing the play so much this summer. I hope you realize what a great experience this is for so many children, especially a child like Isabelle. She has had some difficult health problems and a very tough year. Her doctor recommended drama as a means for her to express herself and because she seemed so well suited to it. Her ability to participate in Hope Theatre and to have lead roles in two productions has helped her self confidence tremendously. Anyway, I have wanted to thank you for a while for creating this delightful camp and for all of the effort you and your staff put forth each time you plan and produce a musical.
    Sincerely, Kathleen – Menlo Park (2008)


    “Thank you again Sarah for the two weeks camp. I am always amazed you can put this wonderful show together in just two weeks. Hope to see you soon in your workshops. Best wishes for the rest of your camp and have a great summer!”
    Yuxi – Palo Alto (2008)


    “I just wanted you to drop you a note and let you know how much my daughter Maggie enjoyed your camp for the last two weeks. Every night she would come home and sing, dance and tell me all about her day. My husband and I were thoroughly impressed with the show last Friday…WOW! Your energy, enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism really shine through the kids. We look forward to another great camp session with you next summer! Regards,”
    Alli – Hillsborough (2008)


    “Sarah, Thanks so much for an amazing camp this year. You and Cassie do such a wonderful job with the kids. It is incredible what you can do in 2 weeks. Madison learned so much, and is still on cloud nine. She had an amazing time. Thanks again, we look forward to the fall workshops.”
    Nancy – Los Altos (2007)


    “i’ve been meaning to e-mail you with some thoughts about your HMT summer production:
    1. kudos! i couldn’t imagine how you would turn such a musically-difficult musical into one that children could do. i thought that you did a masterful job.
    2. i loved the elks lodge as a hope musical theatre location for the parking, the air-conditioning, the comfortable chairs, and its cleanliness! we’ve been to three elementary schools and the elks club with HMT and the elks club is our hands-down favorite.
    3. this was the first year that we were unable to sign up for your camp without a friend. everything worked out fine for sondrine, however, which is a statement of the community building work that you do with your campers to make them all feel part of the group.sondrine’s favorite part of the summer is your musical theatre camp!”
    kristen (2007)


    “Sarah, Thanks so much for your energy in directing this summer’s production. Martin enjoyed it so much that he is still singing the songs and acting out all the different lines.”
    Kathleen Mitchel


    “Hi Sarah – Just want to thank you for all your hard work with the children in musical theater. My daughter Tia joined your 1 week camp this summer and enjoyed herself immensely. Although, she is normally very shy, we were quite surprised to see her open up in the performance! She looks forward to joining your class/camp again in the future!”


    “Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the show. My daughter, Meg, had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next summer. If you do any workshops or shows during the school year, please let us know. I am sure Meg will want to participate! Have a great rest of the summer!”
    Ann Enthoven


    “Hi Sarah, Thanks for putting so much energy & time into each session you do with the children. They really love it.”
    Anne Harrison


    “Abby participated with Hope Musical Theatre for the first time this year and loved the class, the rehearsals, and the show. The most amazing thing to us was not that she was born to emote (we knew that) but how it motivated her to improve her reading skills as she worked on her lines, her listening skills, and her personal sense of responsibility to Sarah and the others in the group. She can’t wait until next year’s class and neither can I.”
    Laura B.


    “Just wanted to write a quick note of appreciation for the HMT Camp.
    Marissa absolutely loved the experience – said it was her favorite camp of all time! She definitely wants to participate again next year. I know it helped to raise her self-confidence and interest in theater and music. A lot of Marissa’s family & friends came to yesterday’s performance and everyone was delighted. Bravos to you, Cassie, Kimberly, et al, for pulling together a charming performance. We’ll definitely be signing up for next year’s session.”
    Lisa Hmelar, Palo Alto


    “Our daughter absolutely shined when she was in the camp’s play this summer and cannot wait to enroll again. We feel it is the best summer experience she’s had since we adopted her two years ago and wish we lived closer so she could enroll in the after-school camps during the school year. Next summer we’ll definitely sign her up again!”


    “I wanted to let you know that our kids (Jasper and Darica) had a wonderful time (again) at your summer camp this year. Along with our friends and family, we are always amazed at what a you can do in such a short time. It was a great performance!”
    Marcus, Sunnyvale


    “Sarah Hope runs a wonderful after-school musical theater program in Palo Alto. I particularly love this program because the children absolutely love attending every week, the semester culminates in an amazingly fun and professional performance and best of all, all children receive an equal opportunity to perform. There really aren’t any starring roles but rather, all of the children have an opportunity to shine both as a group and through individual parts. It is amazing how much is accomplished in such a short amount of time and I feel each child experiences significant growth and overcomes stage fright in a supportive way. Bella loved HMT – we got the falling grass skirt on video and she thinks it was hysterical! She’ll be signing up again! Thanks again for all you do.”
    Marci Lamb – Palo Alto, CA


    “Boy: I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful 2 weeks for my daughter Kristen Carey. She enjoyed every single aspect of the camp/production. I think we’ll be singing Bye Bye Birdie songs for many years to come. We’ll certainly see you next summer.”
    Lynn Carey, Palo Alto


    “you are such a great teacher sarah….i loved watching you with regan today….thanks…you work miracles with my kids.”
    A – Palo Alto


    “My nine year old daughter, Optimistic Olivia came home from the first day of camp so excited and energized by the whole thing. She also noted that you are very stylish, and promptly had me purchase the baseball HMT tee shirt. She is having so much fun with this, and is quite eager to practice her lines as Helen and Ursula. So thank you for a terrific camp, which she has already told us she will do again next year!”
    Carolyn, Palo Alto


    “I think Sarah does an awesome job with her wonderful energy. The joy I got out of the last one in itself well worth $500 to me! (even though that was a stretch) Watching my only child grow, stretch, express and just be who she is, is a sheer pleasure. You are giving to them and to their parents, a wonderful gift for what you do!”
    Sharon Svensson (Palo Alto) – May 2005


    “Wow – I want to congratulate you on helping the children put together such an amazing performance! You did such a fabulous job of bringing it all together – I know how much work it is! Mackenzie invited some of her friends and I think two of them are in for next year! Thanks!”
    Marci Kay – Hillsborough


    “I do want to share with you the incredible impact Sarah Hope has on my daughter’s life. She has learned to love theatre and performing because of Sarah. She is also inspired to be a director like Mrs. Hope when she grows up.
    Thank you!”


    “My Hope Theatre Class – By Vivian Zhou


    “To: My Hope Theatre Class Teacher
    who teaches me great songs, with love


    “I go to Hope Theatre every Thursday. It is at my school Hoover. In Room 6 only my friend Jillian and I go there. After the bell to go home rings, we run to Hope Theatre in a hurry in case we are late. In my Hope Theatre class we sing songs, and play games. Sometimes our teacher lets us have a short break. I love my Hope Theatre. I wish I could go there everyday, even on weekends!


    “Hi! I was staying at Mary Albertolle’s house for 1 week, because I was in Palo Alto with my choir. I was searching for her name at google, so I found this website (I saw the musical ‘Annie’ on video at their home, so I knew she played in it)!
    So… you’re kinda international now :P”
    Sarah Enschede, Netherlands – 2004


    “I love her class so does my sister!”
    Katherine Price – Palo Alto, Ca USA – 2004


    “She is the best!!!!!! She said I was Maria from the sound of music it was easy when she was there!!!!!!!”
    Callie Walker – Palo Alto, CA USA – 2004


    “My daughter has been watching the rehearsals every summer at W.Hayes. Every week she’d ignore her playgroup and just stand by the MP room door totally mesmerized. She’s now in Kindergarten and will start 1st grade in the fall She wants to know when she can start! Please contact me with answers.”
    Katja Broddesson – Palo Alto, CA USA – 2004


    “This is a terrific web site. Sarah Hope is an incredible talent and a wonder with children. I have worked with her first-hand and can tell you she has the most incredible energy and commitment to her craft. Way to go, CBG! from Sweater-Boy :-)”
    Lenny Moors – San Francisco, CA USA -2004

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